Magic colour changing gin

Surprise your guests with colour changing gin that will magically turn from a sky blue to lilac pink. The magic happens when an acidic ingredient such as tonic water (or other acidic mixer) is added into this gin. Natural blue colouring from the blue pea flowers is the secret to colour changing.  


 Howling Owl Blue Gin - $99 

Description: Hand crafted small batch gin made in Bonnievale South Africa, carefully crafted from a selection of juniper berries, cassia bark, coriander seed, angelica root and orange peel to create this unique south african gin that is smooth and elegant. Natural blue colourings from the Blue Pea flower gives it an absolute dash of fun when it turns pink after adding a splash of tonic water (or other acidic mixers)

Alcohol content % 40%
Bottle size  700ml
Category  Gin
Country of origin  South Africa


Original Howling Owl Gin in bright sky blue colour 

After tonic water is added, the colour changes. MAGIC 

Taste: Orange blossoms notes provides a floral experience on the nose with a palate pleasing subtle juniper berry finish.


Let’s WOW and impress your guest with this magical gin. This gin also makes a perfect gift. 

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